Every closer in baseball gets their own walk-out song. Usually a late-80s hair-metal jam to get the crowd on their feet and the adrenaline pumping.

Well, I think it’s about time we start giving starters the same treatment.

Next time Chris Sale takes the bump, cue the Papa Roach, cut throwbacks into pieces, this is my last resort!

This Chris Sale story really is awesome. Sale was scratched Saturday from his start for what was originally described as a non-physical incident in the clubhouse. Yeah, tell that to the team’s 1976 navy, collared throwbacks… Sale went Eddie Scissorhands on them.

And not just his either… He shredded a number of his teammates’ gamers as well.

Like, ohhh hell no! No way I’m wearing this clown suit. And neither are any of you!

He thought they looked horrible and felt even worse so he took a knife to em.

Bro, this is Major League Baseball. Not Project Runway. You’re not Ralph Lauren. You can’t just customize your team’s gamers because you don’t like how they look and feel.

And after Sale went next level red-ass, the team didn’t just sit Sale, they straight sent him home. If you want to have arts and crafts time, do so on your own watch. And then a day later they hit him with a 5 game suspension.

You’re gonna act 5? We’ll give you 5.

Keep in mind, this isn’t some journeyman middle-reliever we’re talking about either. This is arguably the best pitcher in the American League. A 5-time All-Star, last year’s strikeout leader, and this year’s Tom Ford.

Look, on some level, I can almost…almost…almost see where this guy is coming from. Those Sox throwbacks do suck. In fact, they’re probably the worst uniforms ever. And they probably do feel even worse than they look. And starting pitchers generally do get to choose what the team wears. And on top of that, all those trade rumors swirling around probably were wearing him down too. And exactly what did the team think was going to happen, when they busted out the worst throwbacks ever on the night when one of their biggest red asses ever was supposed to take the ball?! .

Never forget, this is the same dude who tripped when the team banned Adam LaRoche’s son from the clubhouse and rocked the kid’s jersey in his locker in protest.

Who does that? Either Sale really loves La Roche and his kid or really hates team president Ken Williams. Probably both.

But, really, none of this matters. Say what you want about the throw backs, and how ugly some of them are; and how crappy they feel: they’re here to stay: teams and leagues make a helluva lot of money on them. And believe me, Sale is not the first guy to hate them. Or the first guy to push back. But pretty much is the only guy to take a knife to his, and his teammates, and miss an important day of work and get suspended for it.

You can’t not take the field because you hate the uniform, that they’re telling you to wear once.

I don’t want to hear about how proud this guy is or how much of a gamer he is; there’s nothing professional about missing work because you don’t like the way you look.

Listen, there are much worse guys in baseball  than Sale: criminals, wife-beaters, racists and other bad seeds playing all throughout major league baseball. This guy didn’t commit any crime. other than the crime of stupidity.

Take the ball. Do your job. And stop making it about you and stop being a huge distraction to your team and organization.

First he hangs the jersey of a teammate’s kid in his locker and now he cuts up all his teammates’ jersey. I can’t wait to see what this dude does next.


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