The Cubs traded for Aroldis Chapman and gave up a package of prospects including their top prospect, Gleyber Torres who could be a freak.

Why do that? Why give up the best prospect in your entire organization for a guy you don’t really need and who reportedly fired 8 gunshots into the garage of his Miami home after an argument with his girlfriend last October.

The same girlfriend who told police he “choked” her and pushed her against the wall after she found something on his phone. He denied it. No charges were filed. But he ended up serving 30 games for breaking MLB’s new domestic violence policy. But the Cubs don’t give a damn that he may done that.

In fact, they don’t mind giving up their best prospect in their entire system for a guy that may have done that. Because while this dude may be a bad seed, he can run it up there at about 108 miles per hour. And it’s been exactly 108 years since the Cubs won a world championship, so bring it on!

You talk about doing a deal with the devil. You’re giving up your best prospect, for a dude who emptied his clip into a wall in his garage after an argument with his girlfriend, for a dude you really don’t even need, and who’s a free agent after this season. Damn, Theo ain’t playing!

That and he knows that if he delivers a world championship to Boston and Chicago who went like a combined 1,000 years without one, he instantly becomes the single most important figure in the history of the sport. Maybe the single most important in the history of the world?!

Think about that. The architect who built the Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs, both… both into world champions!.

Hell yes, this guy is moving his best prospect for a bad seed closer he doesn’t really need. Oh and that thing about Chapman being a bad seed…he’s really sorry about that, saying quote: “I regret that I did not exercise better judgment and for that I am truly sorry.”

We all regret that you didn’t exercise better judgment, Aroldis. Especially your girlfriend who you apparently choked and emptied your clip over.

And as far as you being truly sorry, truly sorry you did it, or truly sorry that it cost you the first 29 games of the season and nearly 2 million dollars of your salary?

Because I’m going to assume that if you have it in you in the first place to choke your girlfriend and fire 8 shots into your garage after an argument with her, you’re definitely not sorry you did it.

And that apology didn’t sound any better than it did the first time we heard it. You’re just sorry you have to keep answering to it every time we bring it up.

Just be glad you can run it up there 108 plus: because that’s the only reason dudes like you keep getting second and third chances.


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