Chris Sale apologized.

Sort of, for cutting up his throwback, missing a start because of it, abandoning the fight and then putting himself in position to get suspended by the team for five games.

He’s sorry. Sort of. Not really. Not at all: “I have regret, because I play 33 times a year at most in the regular season. So I put a lot of emphasis on when I play and I take a lot of pride in work that I do. When I can’t or don’t do that I yeah, I have disappointment in myself for not being there for my guys. Do I regret standing up for what I believe in? Absolutely not. Do I regret saying business should not be first before winning? Absolutely not.”

He went on, “Robin is the one who has to fight for us in that department. If the players don’t feel comfortable 100 percent about what we are doing to win the game, and we have an easy fix, it was as easy as hanging up another jersey and everyone was fine. For them to put business first over winning, that’s when I lost it.”

As apologies go, that’s one of the worst one’s ever.

It’s not even an apology. Just a lame explanation. And a lame attempt at trying to rationalize why he missed a start, and then was suspended for five additional games.

Because he did it in the name of winning. That’s all dude cares about. Winning. And everyone if in his own organization, cared about winning as much as he did, they’d probably never lose.

C’mon, man, this dude isn’t sorry. He said it himself. Right in his alleged apology… he said he didn’t regret doing it or saying what he said. Sale all but said he’d do it all over again, in his so-called apology.

By the way, dude, you’re not about all about winning. Because if you were, you would have just taken the ball and done your job. You’re not about winning above all else if you get yourself sent home the day of your start and then get suspended for five more days after it.

And you’re definitely not sorry or owning it, if you’re running the manager under the bus in your apology, suggesting that it’s his job to take care of these things and that if he had, you wouldn’t even be in this spot right now. Wrong again.

If you just had put on that uniform like everyone of your teammates would have, you wouldn’t be in this spot. No one did this to you Chris. The team didn’t do this to you. The manager didn’t’ do this to you. You did it to yourself.

No one is disputing that those are the worst throwbacks ever; and that they may even feel worse than they look. It’s just that no one cares. You only had to wear it once. Put it on, do your job.

Pretty easy thing to do. But shredding your jersey and everyone else’s is the most unprofessional thing I’ve ever seen a professional ballplayer do. And the fact that you did it, shows you’re not all about winning. You abandoned the fight. You weren’t there for your teammates, or the fans or the organization. And you’re not all about all the right things. You’re about some of the wrong things, like what you wear and whether or not your teammate is allowed to bring his kid to the clubhouse every single day.

And you still owe everyone an apology for this, because that clearly wasn’t one.


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