Info & Stats:  Houston Astros Catcher

All Topics: Winning four of their past five | This seasons slow start | Winning cures a lot of evil | Just not playing good baseball early this season | Habit of hitting better while he’s catching | Not catching last season | Getting on the same page with his pitchers | Pitchers being different | Jose Altuve’s play and value |

July 26th 2016

Evan on Jose Altuve: “Heart and soul.”

May 18th 2015

All Topics: 2015 Season | Being traded from Atlanta to Houston | Didn’t think he would get traded at all | Expectations in Houston | His journey | Life after high school | Smoking a lot of pot after high school | Going to rehab | Quiting sports for about 3-4 years | Jobs he had in his time off | Reading The Power Of Now book | Finding himself in five minutes | John Wheeler | Can’t find John Wheeler | Major league debut, homering off Roy Halladay | Advice for people dealing with issues | Not taking yourself so serious

Evan shares his story with Van Smack.


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