The league officially announced that Josh Gordon is back. Well, sort of.

You remember Josh Gordon, right? The guy who lit up a ton of fantasy leagues in 2013. And then lit up a ton of blunts right afterwards. The guy who went to a Pro Bowl and then was selling cars while suspended. Well, he’s getting another shot.

Gordon was suspended indefinitely back in February 2015, but yesterday, Roger Goodell announced that Gordon has been reinstated… after he sits out another four games.

You know it’s a bad sign when a four-game suspension is seen as a good thing, but having to sit out just four more games definitely is an improvement over being suspended indefinitely.

And, unlike Tom Brady, who will also come back for the Week 5 game between Cleveland and New England, Gordon will be allowed to be with the team during the first four weeks of the year.

C-Town, I know you’re all hyped on your offense. Don’t be. Because as always, there’s a huge question mark with this guy.

I mean I’d love to tell you Gordon finally realizes how close he came to throwing away his entire career; that he’s learned from his mistakes, gotten the help he needs and everything is going to be just fine. But it probably won’t be.

Because he’s chosen getting baked and blasted over balling at nearly every single turn. Both in the pros and in college. He’s been suspended four times between college and the NFL. And played in only 35 out of a possible 64 NFL games and not because of injury, but because of substance abuse.

And he’s abused nearly every single substance: chron, codeine, booze and those are just the ones we know about. And you trust this guy? I don’t. Especially since TMZ had pics of Josh and Johnny Manziel hanging over the weekend. I’m not sure who that’s a worse look for. Josh Gordon meeting with the commissioner last week and then hanging with Manziel last weekend is seriously stupid. It’s not quite Aldon Smith stupid, but it’s not far off.

Gordon was just hanging with Manziel like it was no big thing when in fact it’s a really terrible thing. That doesn’t tell me your judgment has improved. If anything, it’s gotten worse. At least Aldon Smith had the common sense to Periscope under a different name.

I get that Gordon and Manziel are friends, but that’s literally the last guy on the planet you should be hanging with right now.

One minute it’s a PlayStation session and the next it’s a fire up session. And your chance of reinstatement goes up in smoke before you can say IT’S LIT.

You are who you roll with, and your dude seems like he’s an addict. And if you’ve served multiple suspensions, what are you doing rolling with an addict.

How can you tell me the is guy gets it when he hasn’t figured that out yet. I’m not rooting against Josh Gordon, I just don’t trust him.

And neither should anyone else.


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