Practice got underway for the Packers yesterday and that meant two things – checking on Eddie Lacy’s weight and Aaron Rodgers TV habits.

And for all you ghouls who were hoping that Edward would show up fatter than ever, hate to disappoint you, dude looks pretty good.

Bready Cakesy’s been replaced by Shredded Lacy.

So what’s his secret? Did he cut something out of his diet? “No, not really, just eat less of it.” Nailed it.

That’s the magic key. You don’t have to change what you’re eating, just eat less of it.

So Lacy, who’s famous for tweeting about his love of McGriddles and quote, “China Food” can keep on grubbing, just do it a little less.

But truth be told, Lacy’s “tired of talking about it. I’m pretty sure you all are tired of asking about it. I’m tired of hearing about it everywhere I go. I’m done with that.”

You might be done with that, but almost no one else is. I mean, I can’t speak for everyone, Ed, just my listeners, but they will never be done with that.

You could show up with 8 pack abs and 2% body fat and they’ll still be cracking you as Mighty Tasty or Heavy Pastry.

You see, once  you get fat, you’re always fat to a certain percentage of the population, regardless of whether or not you finally do the right things and lean out. I don’t condone it, I just know it exists.

And they will never get tired of talking about how fat you are. Or any other celebrity for that matter.

Fact is, it’s their reason to live; the thing that rolls them out of the rack every morning; to see which famous person fatted out, and then hammer my in box with as many stupid fat nicknames as they can come up with.

Just know that. Not only are they not sick of talking about it, they live to talk about it, and always will no matter how shredded you get.

And if you don’t want to talk about it, you should have never gotten fat to begin with. Especially since you’re a pro athlete: body as temple Ed. It’s your money maker. Enjoy being lean, a percentage will always see you as fat.


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