We’ve talked plenty about Chris Sale. How dude snapped and shredded his jersey and some of his teammates because he hated the team issued throwback recently. Or did it because he hates his manager. Or the team president. Or all of the above.

Dude’s a nut: a red ass: a livewire.

Whatever you want to call him, it’s probably true: but he’s also a great starting pitcher: and you can get him for the right price, right now.

The Sox aren’t going to just give him away; but they will trade him. And he’s far and away the best pitcher on the market and he has a great contract to for any team acquiring him; question is, is he worth the trouble? And the answer, absolutely he is.

Yes, his act has been lame at times; lots of times; and in no way to condone him shredding his uniform and his teammates and that whack apology he spit out, that he didn’t mean. This dude has a track record. He’s a serial red ass.

All that said, if I’m the Dodgers, I do whatever I can to get him. He’s one of the best in the game. He’d be under contract through 2019. And imagine a one two punch of Kershaw and Sale?

They shouldn’t have never let Zack Greinke get away in the first place: this is a way you can offset that loss and for a lot less money.

You just hope that while Sale is a red ass, that most of it comes out because the team isn’t winning and he doesn’t like his manager or the front office or both.

Luckily the Dodgers don’t have a first baseman who moved his kid into the clubhouse or have really, really ugly throwbacks.

And if I’m the Dodgers, I make that deal. Sure, the Sox are asking a helluva lot for him, but he’s hella good: the question isn’t whether the Dodgers can afford what they’re asking, it’s if they can’t afford not to give them what they want.

Get it done.

Bring this psycho to L.A.!


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