Info & Stats: Former Wideout

All Topics: Decision to walk away from football | Just mentally didn’t want to play football anymore | Priorities have changed | No regrets | Aaron Rodgers | Time in Green Bay with Rodgers | Relationship with Rodgers now | Brett Favre | Madden video

July 27th 2016

Greg on his decision to retire from the NFL: “Mentally I just didn’t want to do it anymore.”

Apr 24th 2015

All Topics: Signing with Miami | Excited about a new opportunity in Miami | His Joe Philbin ties | His priorities | Not getting caught up in statistics | Leadership | Becoming a better leader | Ryan Tannehill | Tannehill’s upside | Tannehill’s experience | AFC East | Dolphins off-season | Urgency in South Florida | Adrian Peterson’s future in Minnesota | Playing in Miami

Greg on if they can win the AFC East? “I don’t know.”

Mar 18th 2013

All Topics: Signing a 5 year deal with the Minnesota Vikings | Explains why he signed with Minnesota | Minnesota management embracing him and his family | Vikings management explained how they would use him | 7 years in Green Bay | There was no real in depth conversation with Green Bay about him staying there | Green Bay making it clear they were going in a different direction | No hard feelings at all towards Green Bay | Understanding this is a business | Conversation with Ted Thompson | No bitterness towards Green Bay | Feeling like he needed a fresh start | Not one guy over in Green Bay could maximize their own potential because of the depth they had | Christian Ponder | Watched film on Ponder before he talked with Minnesota | Was kind of selling Ponder short before he watched more film | Speaking with Ponder on the phone | Packers saying they made him a good strong offer | Jared Allen | Having dinner with Jared | Coach Frazier |

Greg on if Green Bay made a “real strong” contract offer to keep him: “Absolutely not.”

Feb 1st 2013

All Topics: Radio Row | Add him to the frustrated list of not playing | 2012 Season | Thought they would be in the Super Bowl | Hottest teams get to the Super Bowl | Ray Lewis | Joe Flacco playing with a chip on his shoulder | The Ravens offense has stepped to the four front | Flacco has to win Sunday to crack the elite quarterback group | Unfortunately it’s all about the ring | Greg having a ring | First arriving in Green Bay | Playing his entire career in Green Bay | The history of the Green Bay Packers | Being a free agent | Wants to finish his career in Green Bay | I’m all about Team Jennings right now | One time opportunity to be a free agent | Keeping a business mindset | I’m not exempt from anything, it’s a business | The league will be going strong without any of us for a long time | Aaron Rodgers vs. Brett Favre | Rodgers’ decision making |

Greg’s Super Bowl XLVII winner: “I’m gonna go with the Ravens.”

Nov 18, 2011:

Greg tells us his nickname for Jordy Nelson: “The Ghost.”

Jan 06, 2011:

Greg on this years NFL Playoffs: “We feel good about our chances.”


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