32-year-old veteran wide receiver Greg Jennings announced his retirement from the NFL after 10 seasons on Monday. Jennings was asked on The Jim Rome Show on Wednesday if he has any regrets over a career in which he won a Super Bowl and was named to two Pro Bowls.

“I have no regrets,” Jennings said. “Obviously there are things that I would do differently, but no regrets.”

“Starting with my days back at the [Green Bay] Packers and even the whole Aaron [Rodgers] incident and my little spats. Little things that no one ever even heard of, its like man, did I handle that the right way? Because I’ve always been one to leave things smooth versus rocky, because I never know who I may need, who may need me, and I’m not one to hold a grudge, and I don’t mind that someone may hold a grudge or if they dislike me, who I am, but everyone wants to be liked, everyone wants to feel loved and feel valued,” Jennings added. “If I could have done anything differently is just do what I did do a little bit better, however that looks.”

The Rodgers incident Jennings referred to was the war of words the two former teammates had with each other when the wide receiver signed with division rival Minnesota in the summer of 2013. Jennings talked about where he and Rodgers currently stand.

“I’m always one to repair a relationship. Again, I can’t speak for him, I don’t have any ill feelings,” Jennings said. “What was said is behind us, what was done is behind us. I was apologetic to him personally. I know I didn’t take back what I said, but how I did it, how it was done, I think it was just all done out of bitterness, of wanting to stay there, not feeling like they really wanted me to be there, and he didn’t really have my [back]. The whole little emotional rollercoaster and not really understanding and fully embracing that this is a business. But when that happened, it kind of turned on another light bulb in me, like uh buddy, you’re disposable like anyone else, so get out of your emotions, move on.”

Jennings still stands by taking business personally, and disagrees with those who say you should separate them.

“Anytime you’re a part of something and you don’t remove yourself and you’re removed, you take that personal,” Jennings said. “I don’t care who you are, I don’t care if you say you don’t, you take it personal. Because you look at it as what was it that I either did or did not do that makes them feel as though I’m disposable, that I’m replaceable, that I can be stepped to the side. So regardless of how you look at it, its personal. It’s just a matter of how one handles it.”

Jennings had many career highlights including a Super Bowl XLV touchdown, a game winner from Brett Favre, but he said he ranks the viral video of a fan playing as himself on Madden, while commentating saying he ‘put the team on his back’ towards the top of his list.

“Honestly, it’s probably the highlight of my career,” Jennings laughed while talking about the video which has surpassed 12 million views on YouTube. “Without me having nothing to do with it. It was one of those moments that was kind of surreal when the young man reached out to me. It was a dude, he made the entire video with his commentating. It was one of those deals where, obviously at the time, the height of Madden, everybody is playing Madden and this happens, a glitch in the game, whatever the case may be, it’d definitely has gone before me to be literally one of the highlights of my career, because when I run into someone, the first thing, one of the first things they ask is, ‘Man, have you ever seen that video on Madden?’ I’m thinking who almost hasn’t seen the video?”


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