Has a Super Bowl champ ever opened its defense with a  sadder state of affairs at quarterback than this?? This isn’t Joe Montana and Steve Young. Or Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers. This is Mark Sanchez and Trevor Siemian. And maybe Paxton Lynch.

I mean, one thing to say, we’re going into the season with Mark Sanchez as our quarterback. We can and fully expect to defend our title with Mark Sanchez as qb1. That’s our guy. But they’re not even selling that.

They’re saying Mark Sanchez isn’t the guy. At least not yet. That he still has to beat out Trevor Siemian, he of zero career starts. Hell, Paxton Lynch is actually telling the media he thinks he could start. That tells you all you need to know.

This is not the first pick overall, playing for the worst team in the league: this is a rookie who thinks he could start for the best team in the league. Who knows, maybe he can. All he has to do is beat out Mark Sanchez and Trevor Siemian.

And John Elway himself  admits the qb situation is “wide open.” At 56, this guy could probably step onto the field right now and give them a better chance than of the three they have currently competing for that spot.

I get that Peyton Manning retired, but the Broncos wanted that. And that Brock Osweiler jammed and shocked them by signing with Houston. But you have to at least know that was a possibility; and that you had to have a better plan than this, because I have never seen a Super Bowl champ begin defense of their title with a Q.B. situation that looks more haggard than this.

They’ll tell you that they’re going to do it with defense and their running game…right, and the team they beat, Carolina had a great defense and a good running game, and a great quarterback in Cam Newton and couldn’t finish.

So how are the Broncos going to do it with a journey Q.B., and guy with zero career starts and a rookie? Answer is, they’re probably not.

They’ve got a defense that’s built to win another Super Bowl and a Q.B. position that’s built to get them a top five pick.


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