Info & Stats:  Hall of Fame Catcher

All Topics: Hall of Fame Induction | Emotion during the induction | So many people to thank during his speech | His father, Vince | Dreams can come true | Playing in New York around 9/11 | Journey | Big metal guy | Soccer venture |

July 28th 2016

Hall of Famer talks induction with Jim.

Jan 7th 2016

All Topics: Being voted to the Baseball Hall of Fame | Emotions of announcement | Being 28 votes short of Hall of Fame induction last year | Having so much respect for the voting process | Being drafted in the 62nd round | Meeting Ted Williams | Having a batting cage at his house as a kid | Ted’s intensity | Playing in New York | Being able to focus | Going from Los Angeles to New York | Adjusting to New York | Loved being a Dodger | PED era

Mike on being traded by the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1998: “I carry no animosity or ill will.”

Apr 9th 2013

All Topics: Shout out to Coach Pitino | Plays golf with Pitino | Writing a book | Felt like he had an interesting life, career and wanted to share it | Doesn’t want it to come across as a bone to pick by writing a book | Felt like the book came out good | Addressing PEDs | The games changes | There were a lot of great things in his era | Never used steroids | Greenies | Why he didn’t take PEDs | No one getting into the Hall of Fame this year | Being on the ballot | HOF voters | Controversy throughout history on statistics and topics in baseball | Case by case basis | Roger Clemens throwing at his head | Having no grudge with Clemens now | Doesn’t think there’s any place in the game for people throwing at someone’s head | Clemens calling over to the dugout after throwing at him | World Series vs. Yankees and Clemens | Taking Karate lessons | Karate lessons in context | Bringing the noise when you charge the mound | Being traded by the Los Angeles Dodgers | One of the most popular Dodger ever | Vin Scully | Scully being against him | His religion | His father being tight with Tommy Lasorda | Going into the Dodgers clubhouse at 14 years old and saw players watching porn | Making his debut in the Miami City Ballet next month | His daughter |

Mike on if he has ever used steroids: “Absolutely not.”


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