Info & Stats: Former NFL Linebacker

All Topics: Steve Gleason Documentary | Steve’s backstory | First home game at the Super Dome after Hurricane Katrina | Gleason’s blocked punt TD vs. Atlanta | Steve being diagnosed with ALS after his career in 2011 | Michel Gleason | Steve’s video for his son | Steve was a free spirit | Steve is still Steve and kicking ass

July 28th 2016

Scott talks about the documentary, ‘Gleason.’

Dec 9th 2015

All Topics: Steve Gleason documentary | His friendship with Gleason | Gleason being diagnosed with ALS | Gleason’s movies to his son | Gleason’s challenges | New Orleans | Roman Harper | Harper in Carolina | NFL changing | Johnny Manziel | His grandmother |

Scott talks about his Steve Gleason documentary.

Aug 24th 2015

All Topics: Jordy Nelson’s injury | No quick fix to preseason injuries | Players approach to preseason football | Terrell Suggs hit on Sam Bradford | Owners making money on preseason games | Chris Borland’s ‘dehumanizing’ comments | Fascinated with Borland | Violence of football | Learning more and more about football | To be affective in football you have to be violent | Cris Carter’s ‘fall guy’ comments | 10 years since Hurricane Katrina | Monday night game vs. Atlanta | Steve Gleason

Scott on avoiding preseason injuries: “Don’t know what the right fix is.”


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