Ryan Fitzpatrick has his deal, the Jets have their quarterback, and his teammates are amped. Or maybe just relieved.

But not everyone in Jets camp is happy. Just ask Geno Smith. He says, “I’m not disappointed. I’m kind of pissed off.”

At who? For what? Because you got your starting job ripped? You didn’t lose the starting job this week, you lost it last year when you got your face caved in by a teammate over $600. And the worst part isn’t even that a teammate broke your face, it’s that pretty much everyone took his side.

Look, I know the guy who rolled into camp and became the starter isn’t Joe Montana. I know he’s Ryan Fitzpatrick, but you do know you’re Geno Smith, right? I know the Jets do.

And there was no way in hell they were going to go into their season with you as their starting quarterback. Is there a more delusional player in the NFL right now than Smith.? Maybe RG III. But Griffin, at least, has a Heisman and a good rookie year to fuel his delusions. All you’ve got is that busted jaw, and 35 picks in 31 games.

I know Ryan Fitzpatrick could’ve handled his situation better, but I’m not sure anyone’s ever handled anything worse than how you’ve handled your time in New York.

Where do you want me to begin? With the alleged junk shot you got busted for back in in 2013? The time you missed a team meeting on a trip to San Diego because you got the time zones messed up? The game against Buffalo where you tossed three picks in the first quarter and were benched.

I get that you’re bent that you lost your starting gig, but let’s be honest, it was never yours to begin with. You’re Geno Smith. You’re not even Gino Torretta.

He also added on twitter, “Horses don’t stop, they keep going.”

Right. And horses don’t talk. And neither should you.

Horses don’t stop? I’m a horse guy, I own racehorses and I have no idea what the hell that even means.


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