Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon has made his first public comments since being reinstated by the NFL from a one year ban. And he’s saying all the right things. That he’s a different man. And quote, “more willing and ready to accept help and support from others.” And that while he was selfish in the past, quote, “things turn around. People change. It’s possible to change. It takes some people some learning. But eventually you get to that point. I think I have.”

Look. Talk is cheap. And we’ve heard this kind of talk from this guy before. Don’t tell me. Show me. Just showing up one day and telling people what they want to hear is not nearly enough. But it is a start.

And it sounds pretty good. Or at least it did, until he mentioned who one of his mentors is.

In fact, a guy he is lockering right next to. You know it: RG me!

Quote: “he’s the reason why I committed to Baylor in 2009. That’s one of my best friends. It’s not a mistake that my locker is next to his. He looks out for me as part of my support staff I’ve been mentioning. Guys I know I can lean on. I know he’s a big brother in that regard.”

Better than JFF I guess. But not much.

Not sure I want this guy looking up to and spending all his time with a q.b. who is best  known for being a bust, trying to have his negative plays edited out of film sessions, melting down in social media, playing safety on the scout team last year, and ultimately being run out of the district.

Oh, and let’s not forget that one time he spent 40 minutes punting to himself. Bob had some kind of a run in D.C.: from setting the league on fire to editing game tape to playing safety to punting to himself. Helluva run.

And a helluva guy to pick as your mentor.

What’s that guy going to teach Gordon? Or anyone else for that matter? How to throw a football over a 16 foot tall fence at Browns practice? I guess he could tell Gordon about that incredible meeting he had with the Shanahan’s where he lectured them both, back in the day.

You are who you roll with, and that being the case, Gordon is former Heisman trophy winning, rookie of the year, turned scout team safety.

I’m not rooting against you Josh, but it’s hard to really root for you when continue to make bad choices.


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