Football season is officially upon us now that training camps are in full swing, so you know what that means! It’s open season for reporters to annoy the living CRAP out of Bill Belichick!

Obviously this season is going to be a huge pain the ass for the Hoodie because of Tom Brady’s four-game suspension. And while this guy may be the greatest football coach ever, the one thing he’ll never understand is, the more he hates on the media, the more the media is going to try to aggravate him.

Despite the fact that anyone with a full-developed brain and two eyes knows that Tom Brady will start Game 5, reporters are going to try to create a quarterback controversy. Because that’s what reporters do.

So, the first brave soul stared down the barrel of Belichick’s shot gun and asked the question: Is there a chance that Jimmy Garoppolo would keep his job as starter for the Patriots’ fifth game of the season even though Brady would be back by then?

To which Belichick elegantly and concisely responded: “Jesus Christ.”


Oh it’s so great. You don’t even have to see or hear a clip of this to know exactly how he looked and sounded. The look of pure disgust. The angry mumble. The half eye-roll. It’s visceral.

To be fair to Belichick, the question is so utterly absurd. People are going to ask it, because like I said, that’s what they do. Trolls are everywhere.

Even though there’s never been anyone in the history of sports worse with the media than the Hood, you actually have to side with him here. Is Belichick going to start Garoppolo over Brady. I mean, he did start Brady over Drew Bledsoe when no one saw that coming! Right, you have a better chance of seeing Roger Goodell show up for Week 1 in a Ray Rice jersey than you do of seeing Garoppolo get a start over Brady.

But by all means, keep asking Belichick about it. I mean, I would never do it, but you’re more than welcome to.

This might be the one thing that finally makes this dude’s dome explode. If we could get just one really good Belichick rant or tirade out of it, than maybe this entire Deflategate debacle will really have been worth it.


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