Kareem Abdul-Jabbar rolled into the DNC last night. And immediately went in on Donald Trump.


That’s one shot! One shot kid! Just one shot!

Ronnie from the shore would definitely be proud. That was a shirtless Jason Bourne putting that dude to sleep with one haymaker in the dirt. K.A.J. with authority!

Donald Trump, you just got you-tubed

That was the big man, running the break, tossing the ball off the backboard and then throwing it down with authority. I mean…damn.

I haven’t see Donald Trump get roasted like that since he was, well roasted. Aaaa….ooooo, whatcha gonna do.

I never expected it, because I didn’t even know dude could speak.

I tried talking to him once before I interviewed him, said I was glad to see him, thanked him for agreeing to appear on the show and tried to engage him and he just looked at me. Literally didn’t respond to anything I said. Just sat there. So the fact that this guy even speaks is miracle to me.

And that he’s got jokes is even more of an upset. Normally, he’s the butt of everyone else’s jokes: like that time he went on jeopardy and let the world know how much he loves porn.


Or that other time on jeopardy when he butchered that lay up:


Just when I thought Kareem’s legacy was going to be having to beg anyone to give him a job coaching and the Lakers to erect him a statue, dude shows up out of nowhere spitting fire.

Maybe people really do change. And really can talk.

Hey cap, no harm, no foul about you disrespecting me as badly as you did back in the day: in fact, any time you want come on and spit that special brand of fire, you’re welcome here.

Apology accepted. See you soon.


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