Hour 1

Jim Is Back In The Jungle | Emails | Roman Harper (NFL) Interview


Hour 2

Usain Wins Going Away, Again | Mike Gundy (College Football) Interview | Caller Claims Jim As Family


Hour 3

Martin Rogers (Olympics) Interview | Stay Classy, Hope | McGregor vs. Diaz 2



Roman Harper

Veteran safety on playing in New Orleans again: “No way in the world I thought I’d ever be back.”


Mike Gundy

Ok State head coach on Mason Rudolph: “If we can protect him he should have a really good season.”


Martin Rogers

USA Today writer on Usain Bolt: “More charisma than any other athlete I’ve ever met.”


Usain St. Leo Bolt

MJ-Lebron, Montana-Brady. There are great debates in sports, but one of them ended last night in Rio.
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Good Luck In The 200, J

Justin Gatlin’s best wasn’t going to beat Usain Bolt’s best.
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Not Jeeaah!

Of course, in the buildup to the Olympics all the stories were about how having these games in Rio was a terrible idea.
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Shot Fighter

Alex Rodriguez, retiring from the Yankees. Errrrr! Getting fired by the Yankees.
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Stay Classy, Hope

The Swedish knocked the Americans out in a penalty shootout Friday. And then it took Hope Solo about one second to go Hope Solo.
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