Justin Gatlin’s best wasn’t going to beat Usain Bolt’s best. His best probably wasn’t going to beat Bolt who wasn’t the same guy he was in 2012 and 2008. But it’s a mute point because Bolt didn’t get Gatlin’s best shot.

And why not? Because he said he was tired going into the finals.

Look it would be easy and convenient to jump a dude for making a statement like that. You were tired? Before the 100 meter finals? Before the biggest race of your life? Before you had a chance to finally slay the dragon and shut everyone up who had dogged you so hard for doping? All that motivation and fuel, but you were too tired to run your best. I’d smash the guy for it, but Bolt essentially said the same thing.

Bolt went as far as to say the short turnaround between the semi’s and finals was quote “ridiculous and stupid.”

Maybe. But they all had to do it so no one wants to hear it. Especially from Gatlin, who has so much to prove and so much motivation.

Look, I’m sure he was pretty happy to take silver as a 34-year old man. And there’s no shame in losing to the best ever, but make no mistake; he wasn’t there to just hit the medal stand. He was there to beat Bolt. And it didn’t happen.

Just like it’s not going to happen when he gets his next shot at him in the 200, Bolt’s best event.

Asking us to believe that he tested positive because a disgruntled masseuse rubbed roids on him is almost as ridiculous as asking us to believe he was going to beat Bolt.

His best wouldn’t have, and given how tired he says he was, and the fact that he seemed rattled by the boos, ensured there was no way in hell that was going to happen. Because when the big man raises up his head and starts striding, you can cancel Christmas.

Good luck in the 200, J, you’re going to need it.


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