Every year, a head coach or player stands out during college football’s conference media days. This season, it was Oklahoma State Cowboys Head Coach Mike Gundy’s haircut that became the popular topic of discussion. Gundy joined the The Jim Rome Show on Monday and clarified that his do is not quite a full-fledged mullet… yet.

“It was interesting that I didn’t get many question on our offensive line. I didn’t get a lot of question on Mason (Rudolph),” Gundy said of his appearance at Big 12 Media Days. “Over half the questions were on my hair from all different media outlets, and it was pretty entertaining.

“It really is not a mullet,” Gundy said before getting to the specifics on mullets. “A real mullet is kind of a bi-level on the ears, and you got to get it close to the shoulders. You got to put a little curl in it to get a pure mullet, but it’s been very entertaining.”

Gundy’s hairdo has garnered so much national attention since the annual event, the coach said he got an unusual demand.

“I’ll tell you what else is funny, about two weeks from the media days, when I had gotten back to work and we started with the season, we have two or three people that work in our office and they push social media,” Gundy said. “They came in and they said whatever you do you cannot cut your hair because we are killing it in the ratings and it makes us look like we know what we are doing. I said no problem, I won’t cut my hair.”

Although Gundy said he intends to get the current hairdo in full mullet form.

“I think we go back a little bit to the late 80s,” Gundy said. “You know, things got to come around, why not have some fun? Now the team’s involved with it. When I walk in everyday to meetings, they’re hoeing and hamming and making cracks about it. And I got young boys at home that it embarrasses them in front of their friends at school, so it’s gotten enough play that I think we got to roll with it, you know, and go with where it’s at and I don’t know if we’re ever going to get to a point to know I need to cut it, but right now, I think we’re all having a good time with it.”

Another big topic that came out of Big 12 Media Days was the possibility of conference expansion, a topic the former Oklahoma State quarterback isn’t in favor of and says bigger isn’t always better.

“Now, I’m not an administrator, and I don’t get the bottom line on statistics and numbers and whatever that may be, and I said it a year or two ago and even before then that the Longhorn Network created an issue for this league, period,” Gundy said of The University of Texas’ around-the-clock network dedicated to the school’s athletics program. “Then secondly, there was a lot of talk about our league with expansion and there were some issues with College Football Playoff. Well we got a team in last year, and two years ago, if we would have just said our Big 12 champion is Baylor, in my opinion, we would have marketed them enough to get them in so we would have been two for two with the College Football Playoff. We have nine conference games, the league is not watered down, we have a television conference I think it’s for six or eight more years, I can’t remember, so I say no.

“But nobody is going to listen to me anyways, but I feel like I need to express my opinion, because it’s my responsibility to offer an opinion whether people like it or not. What’s favorable for Oklahoma State and then ultimately what I believe in, because I don’t know if there’s anybody at any school in the Big 12 that has more years in the Big 8/Big 12 than I do, so I just feel like I have a right to an opinion and whether people like it or not I can’t determine that.”


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