Info & Stats: New Orleans Saints Safety

All Topics: 2016 NFL Training Camp | Crazy that he’s back in New Orleans | Needing to earn respect again in New Orleans locker room | Winning and losing a Super Bowl | Losing Super Bowl 50 | Tom Brady being chill last week at scrimmage | Brady still playing at a high level |

Aug 15th 2016

Roman on playing in New Orleans again: “No way in the world I thought I’d ever be back.”

Jan 28th 2016

All Topics: Super Bowl 50 vs. Denver | A shot at a second Super Bowl | Happy for this teammates | Advice for his teammates | Only fun if you win this thing | Teammates being so loose | Fun | Cam Newton | People are always judging Newton | Injury vs. Arizona | Getting a dark visor for the Super Bowl | Not allowing receivers to celebrate against him | Creed bombs | How the Creed Bombs started |

Roman on Super Bowl 50: “Its only fun when you win this thing.”

Nov 12th 2015

All Topics: 8-0 | Training Camp goals | Talent wise this team has it | Youth and experience on this team | The game slowing down for veterans | Cam Newton ripping down the Green Bay fans sign | Finding ways to win | How much longer he wants to play | Wedding day

Roman talks about their 8-0 start.



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