I’m not going to double back and try to cover the entire two weeks that I missed while I was on vacation. But there a few big stories that I do have to hit. Starting with Alex Rodriguez, retiring from the Yankees. Errrrr! Getting fired by the Yankees.

Because that’s exactly that happened. They did the humane thing. They ended his suffering and put him down.

Actually, he wasn’t suffering at all. All of us who had to watch him step into the batter’s box and swing the bat like it still had an old school doughnut on it, did.

This dude is a shot fighter who can no longer pull the trigger. That’s why they shut him down with $27 mill still left on his deal. They’re paying him to go away.

They’re better without him than they were with him. They can’t keep running that .200 hitting cooler out there and taking at-bats away from much more deserving players. Either he’s off the meds or he just aged out, but watching this guy is painful, so the Yankees did what any company would do to any employee not pulling his weight, they broke him off.

Just don’t think for a second that it was A-Rod’s decision. Or that he wants to retire. Because he doesn’t. Not when he’s sitting on 696 career bombs. Never mind that well never know how many of those he hit while juiced out of his gord, you knew dude badly wants to get to 700.

So I’m not sure we’ve seen the last of A-Rod: and if it’s up to him, I know we haven’t. Especially since the Marlins are trying to make the playoffs for the first time since 03 and they just lost Giancarlo Stanton for the season. And Miami, of course, is one of the few places, where folks actually like A-Rod.

But the Marlins, who will talk to him and probably even give him a shot need to know a couple of things. He’s gassed. And he really hasn’t picked up a glove much since 2003, so I have no idea where you’d put this guy.

But if you want to bring him in, to sell a few tickets, watch him get to 700 and bring the circus to your town and clubhouse, what the hell, it’s your dollar.


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