The Swedish knocked the Americans out in a penalty shootout Friday. And then it took Hope Solo about one second to go Hope Solo, saying, “I thought we played a courageous game. I thought we had many opportunities on goal. I think we showed a lot of heart. We came back from a goal down. I’m very proud of this team.” She went on, “I also think we played a bunch of cowards. But, you know, the best team did not win today. I strongly believe that. I think you saw America’s heart. You saw us give everything that we had today. Unfortunately the better team didn’t win.”

Unfortunately Hope, the better team did win. The better team always wins. The better team has won every game in every sport in the history of the world. That’s why they won. They were better.

How do I know they were better? Because they won. Scoreboard, Hope. Look up at it.

And you bumping your gums after a loss like that is way more embarrassing than the loss itself. It shows zero class.

Nothing says ugly American like losing a match and then calling the winners cowards.  And why are you calling them cowards? For playing a sound tactical, defensive game against you? One, that by the way, worked! A tactic that outmatched teams in soccer have always taken and always will. Calling them cowards for playing a smart tactical game, that worked is really pretty stupid. And completely classless as well.


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