Huge controversy in the 400 meters last night when Shaunae Miller just did outrun Allyson Felix for the gold. Well actually she didn’t outrun her. She outdove her.

She hit the wire first by diving through it. She didn’t lean into the line, she dove right through it.

And folks are still freaking out about it this morning. And many, at best, it’s cheap and a terrible look and worst, it’s outright cheating. Well, yes. And no.

It’s not a great look. It does look bad. It’s track and field, not swimming. It’s a foot race, you should probably finish it on your feet. That said, she didn’t do anything illegal.

You can talk about how stupid the rule is, and that it should be changed, but until that happens, Miller didn’t do anything wrong.

Sure it’s a terrible look, but it worked. The wire is the thing; not how you get to it. And she was willing to do whatever she had to do to get there first. Including diving.

The Olympics come around every four years. You work a lifetime to get there. Are you telling me you aren’t going to dive for gold if you get the chance? People dive for foul balls and free t-shirts, so I’ve got no problem with someone diving for an Olympic title.

I understand why some of you are so fired up, but your problem shouldn’t be with Miller, it should be the rule itself. And the fact is, Miller didn’t break it. She did what she had to do to win the gold medal.

Better to win the gold looking a little foolish than to take silver standing up. It’s not how you get to the wire, it’s when you get there, and Miller definitely got there first. And she’s got the track burns and gold medal to prove it.


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