Here’s a shocker out of the NFL. Roger Goodell is taking a hard-line stance. The Shield has drawn a line in the sand, threatening James Harrison, Clay Matthews, Julius Peppers and Mike Neal that they’ll be suspended if they don’t cooperate and talk to league investigators.

Goodell sent his latest and greatest to the men via VP Adolpho Birch, and it’s clear that the Commish ain’t playing — threatening suspension that starts Aug 26 for conduct detrimental to the Shield — that’ll be separate and apart from any determination on whether these guys actually used the PEDs.

How long of a suspension? As long as Rog wants it. And at this point, you best believe that Rog is gonna get it.

James Harrison — one of the baddest dudes in the NFL — has gone strong back at Goodell. But my man, you’re gonna lose. Rog already played the long game and ripped four games from Tom. He reached back into Adrian’s pocket and snatched out 2 million.

And drunk with power after the high courts validated his ability to do it, he’s gonna make all four of you sit and kiss the ring until you decide to do it.

There is absolutely nothing good about this situation. Not the implications, not the players’ behavior, and certainly not ANOTHER power play by a Commish whose discretion and disciplinary record ain’t exactly the best.

But the NFLPA helped create this guy. And the owners make enough money with the man in control that they’re gonna let him keep doing what he does.

Come on guys– did you really think Rog was going to be okay with you just writing a letter and calling it quits? This is a guy who didn’t let SCIENCE get in the way of taking his pound of flesh from the Patriots and Tom Brady.

The players have 10 days to get their stories together and play the same aw shucks card that Peyton Manning did. And maybe it’ll work out for you guys, too. But the days of the Gun Slinger dodging and weaving around pics of his junk and getting a $50,000 fine are over.

Rog wants blood.

We could get bogged down in the legal details, but let’s be real, the legal stuff behind the league and the players battling over who should be compelled to participate in an investigation and who shouldn’t, is incredibly boring. Nobody cares. And that’s the problem with this case. The league is going to war over something that nobody cares about. If only they’d been this gung-ho about going after domestic violence in the Ray Rice case. Want a group that will tirelessly hunt down evidence of removing air from footballs or run down details in a discredited report about PED use, the NFL is your league.

Want a group to try to find security video of a star player knocking a woman unconscious in an elevator, ehhh, that’s not really their thing. They couldn’t wait for the Ray Rice story to disappear and they keep hitting Deflategate with paddles every chance they get.


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