Bills q.b. Tyrod Taylor reportedly signed a 6 year $92 million dollar contract extension. Sure he did. The only thing more ridiculous than giving Tyrod Taylor’s $92 million is trying to pretend that his contract is worth $92 million.

Can we just stop with these deals? It’s a joke. It’s obnoxious.

It’s like your buddy who talks about the house down the street that sold for crazy jack so now his house is worth that much or even more. I wouldn’t be friends with dudes who do that more than once, but now, every contract in the NFL starts with “Tyrod Taylor gets $100 million”!  When he’s not. He’s getting $9.5 mill guaranteed and the Bills already owed him two million of that.

So exactly what’s the point here? I know what it does for the agent, but does this make the players feel good about themselves. Is it they can roll with dudes in the NBA and MLB and not be completely embarrassed about making 50% less money and ramming their brains into oblivion while they’re doing it.

Listen, you’re worth whatever you can squeeze anyone for. But I’m not sure Tyrod Taylor is worth $9.5 million much less 95 million. Just as I’m not sure he’ll even be with the team next year. Or if his coach or his GM will be either.

100 million is a franchise quarterback. 9.5 million is a franchise that doesn’t know if it has a quarterback.


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