The Cubs are going for it this year. Really going for it. And nothing sent a stronger message of their intent than when they traded for Aroldis Chapman, the fireballer who served a 29-game suspension earlier this year for domestic violence.

But the Cubs knew the deal was going to attract attention and they knew they had to handle it correctly. Or at least I thought they did. But it turns out they didn’t. Or at least one of their employees didn’t. Because after Chapman pitched on Sunday, the DJ played The Prodigy’s “Smack My Bitch Up.”

Get it? Because he was suspended for domestic violence. Why wait until he’s out of the game to drop that tune. Why not make that his walk-in music.? That would be in even more appropriate and even more hilarious right? Who doesn’t think that making fun of a dude trying to choke out his lady isn’t hilarious. Well played, Mr. Dr. J Man. 

Talk about a bad call. That’s the worst call ever by a DJ. And that’s saying something.

But it’s not funny. It’s not smart. And it’s not really an easy mistake of just hitting the wrong button. It’s not like he reached for some track that’s currently in the top ten. The song came out nearly 20 years ago. So you had to consciously dial that one up. What, the Lo Fidelity All-Stars didn’t want any of that.

Hilarious. Dude is suspended for shooting a gun in an incident with his girlfriend, so let’s drop some hot domestic violence dance number from the late 90s. Brilliant. What’s next – Filter’s “Hey Man, Nice Shot”?

And of course that employee has since been fired. And no, the Cubs don’t get any credit for firing the guy. They fired a DJ. There are 30,000 other people with iPods at Wrigley on any given night. Any bleacher bum with a Spotify app can do that job. So, no credit for firing him. You’re the ones who created this problem by bringing in the domestic violence guy in the first place.

Moral of this story: if you’re a flame throwing reliever and can run it up there 105 mph, you can choke your girlfriend, empty your clip into the wall of your garage, allegedly, and still work for the Cubs…  After all, America is an extremely forgiving nation and the Cubs are all about giving people second chances.

But if you’re some loser, dime a dozen DJ, and play a song about the  guy who choked his girlfriend (allegedly), don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Because we’re not having that!  We’re the Cubs. We stand for the right things. We’re not tolerating that.

Even though that’s exactly what  they do, as evidenced by signing Chapman in the first place. One guy is replaceable, and one’s not. That’s why the Cubs don’t care that Chapman choked his lady (allegedly), but do care that the DJ reminded everyone.


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