Yesterday we talked a little about Jim Harbaugh’s bizarre and prickly interaction with the media when they asked him about three players who weren’t included in the team photo.

Talked about it a bit, had some reaction, the segment ended, we did an interview with Dana White and kept on moving.

And then this morning I see a tweet from @coachjim4um:

Do you remember the provocateur who went personal with another Big 10 QB and had the tables turned on him? #déjàvu

And he’s included a clip of my interview with Jim Everett from back in the day.

Now, I don’t know if he’s talking about me or to me, since he went all subtweet with it, but I’m going to guess that was his reaction to the take on yesterday’s show.

Provocateur? Going personal? Tables turned? Hashtag déjà vu? What does any of that even mean? Talk about a lot of gobble, gobble, gobble, turkey from jive turkey gobblers.

Wow, proved everyone wrong with that tweet. Certainly isn’t thin-skinned at all. Seriously, is anyone supposed to be impressed by that? Wow, you really brought the heat there. Boom! Roasted! Drop the mic! Shut it down, let’s go home!

And did you think that by including the Everett clip that was really going to hurt? Like, damn, sick burn. You really got me there. Here’s the thing: I’ve owned that. I’ve apologized for that. I went too far. That was a bad day at the office. And I’ve answered questions about that for 20 plus years. And will for the next 20. You couldn’t answer questions for your roster for two minutes.

I didn’t go, quote, get “personal.” This was literally a back half of the show topic. Not something I led with. Not a major focus. I led with the NFL and Roger Goodell, then we talked about the Olympics and Shaunae Miller diving at the finish line. Then we did a couple of interviews. Then we got to Harbaugh. And then I talked to Dana White.

It’s not like I saw his bizarre interaction with the media and started rubbing my hands and sharpening my knife. I was pointing out that he just came across as kind of miserable in that interaction, that he wasn’t being grilled by the media, they were asking him a couple of questions. Questions that weren’t tricky or confrontational at all. And he was going all CIA on them.

But he’s tweeting about it first thing in the morning? That’s attacking the day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind?!

Who’s got it better than us? A lot of people if you’re running out tweets like that early in the morning. If the first order of business is to jump online and fire that off, than nearly everyone’s got it better than you. If you’re the head coach at a major football program and near the top of your to-do list is to unload some awesome, mic-dropping smack in a subtweet like that, that’s a real winning attitude.

At this point in August, most coaches would be focused on getting their team ready for the season opener, but he’s going Twitter tough guy. Really impressive. That’s not thin-skinned and miserable at all.

Also, as I always say to athletes and coaches who get bent about something I say on the show, was anything that I said wrong? Great coach. Unbelievable coach. And I’m sure he’ll do great there, but if he’s running this hot with the media in August over a minor issue, and then with how people react to how he goes with the media, that says something. It says a lot.

I’m not out to get you. The media’s not out to get you. But Ohio State and Michigan State both are. And they both beat you last year. And I highly doubt Urban Meyer and Mark Dantonio are wasting their time trying to craft the perfect subtweet at media members. Eyes on the prize, Jimmy. Eyes on the prize.


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