No sooner than Bills coach Rex Ryan finished hanging that banner for winning the offseason; the Bills started getting their asses kicked in the preseason.

And it’s gone from bad to worse with word that their $100 million dollar man, star defensive tackle Marcell Dareus, will be suspended for the first four games of the season, reportedly for burning chron.

Of course, this isn’t his first offense. Which is why the team went in on him once the news broke.

You never see a team take the lumber to a star player the way the Bills did, quote: “we are very disappointed marcell chose to put himself first, before his teammates, coaches, the rest of the organization, and fans through his recent actions,” the bills said in a statement. “From ownership down we have made it clear his behavior is unacceptable. We will continue to take the necessary steps to work with him in order that he adheres to the policies set forth by our league.”

Look out! The Bills essentially just smashed one of their best players publicly. Called him out for being selfish. And letting everyone down. Including his teammates, coaches, organization and the fans.

Right. Not to mention concession workers, parking lot attendants and everyone who has ever put on a Bills uniform, and every single coach who has ever worked for that team. You let them all down, Marcell. By picking the bong over the game. The chron over the shield. The hippie lettuce over your career.

Incredible. $100 million dollar contract. Ten cent head.

Look. I’ve never negotiated an NFL contract before, but it seems to me, before you commit $100 mill to a guy, who has been busted previously, maybe you ask him, hey big dude, what do you like better? Weed or work? Chron or football? We’re going to show you a photo of a football and a photo of some bud: which do you prefer? I mean, that has to come up in pre-draft interviews when teams are asking are you a dog or a cat? And then if the guy can’t answer that question correctly, maybe you don’t give him all that jack.

My man, must really like him some lettuce because that’s going to cost him 7 figures plus and four games in the regular season; a season they need to kill if Rex is going to save his job.

Sure, injuries are part of the game, but one of your most important players getting busted for tree and getting suspended for the first month of the season isn’t. Of course the team is pissed. They have ever right to be pissed.

How much do you have to like taking drugs? How good is that high? And how high do you have to be to set $3m on fire, just to see it burn.


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