RG3 is back in the news and — shocker — it’s not for anything he’s doing on the field.

Griffin, who 10 days ago was named the Browns starting quarterback by first-year head coach Hue Jackson — is reportedly going through a divorce from his wife Rebecca.

And usually news of a marriage’s dissolution isn’t something for public fodder. But it is when you do it like Bob.

Because Bob Griffin has a new girlfriend. And to make that abundantly obvious, he went all RG3 with it and TATTOOED HER NAME ON HIS FOREARM.

TMZ was the first to notice the new ink on Bob’s arm — with the ever so subtle “GRETE SADEIKO” etched just inches from his throwing hand. First name, Last name.

The 23-year-old Estonian heptathlete runs track at Florida State and is reportedly Bob’s new gal.

And to make things “official” Bob decided to make things permanent — a trip to the tattoo parlor. Is this guy the perfect Browns quarterback or what?

While wife Rebecca is reportedly “floored” by the developments, Bob’s not so subtle moves this summer include him walking arm and arm with the 23-year-old blonde while he wears an ESTONIA t-shirt, Grete’s home country, because “GOOGLE HER” probably didn’t fit across the chest of the medium t-shirt he was wearing.

Look – Bob Griffin isn’t the first athlete to get divorced and he certainly won’t be the last. And maybe he wants to yell from the rooftops about his new love. Go do it. Go Tom Cruise on the couch. Don’t care.

But you want proof that cats don’t change? This is exhibit A. Because this isn’t a Subway commercial. You aren’t global celebrity Robert Griffin the Third anymore. You’re Bob Griffin, the track-athlete-flameout-quarterback who got run from his last job and is gonna get run from this job if you don’t get your game right.

And while Browns fans and teammates are all saying the right thing about you right now, they’re all thinking what I’m saying:

You’ve got to be kidding me.

How badly do the Browns have to be cursed. Scratch that. They’re not cursed. They knew the guy they signed. The skinny dude, addicted to pub grabs, who googles himself and uses his Instagram to show off his new used Jetta — to prove he’s humble — or in a silly boxer’s pose with hand wraps and fresh tape on his hands to prove he’s a fighter. I’m not kidding — he rolled those photos out in the last six weeks.

Tattoo? Six inches from your throwing hand? You are a quarterback. You’re a guy who said he was going to keep his head down and grind. This ain’t exactly that.

I’m not here to judge your marriage. Or your divorce. But good luck man. I’m sure you can tweak those letters to something meaningful if it doesn’t work out.



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