Info & Stats: Washington Head Coach

All Topics: Entering 3rd season at Washington | Results are slower to come than expected | Playing a lot of young guys last year | Hype surrounding the team | No. 7 in an SI poll is funny | Quarterback Jake Browning playing as a true freshman last year | Football safety | Taking a rugby approach to tackling | This game is way safer than five years ago |

Aug 18th 2016

Chris on Jake Browning as a true freshman: “Never flinched.”

Oct 15th 2015

All Topics: Moving on from the USC game | Guys played really hard against USC | Building a program | Oregon this week | Rebuilding process | Gaining experience each week | Jake Browning | Oregon beating Washington 11 consecutive times | Steve Sarkisian | Sarkisian is a good guy and coach | Sarkisian is just going through a tough time | So many people piling on Sarkisian | Who can a head coach lean on? | Head coach is such a hard thing

Chris on Steve Sarkisian: “He is a good guy and a good coach.”

Apr 17th 2015

All Topics: 1st season in Washington | Never being scared | Life outside of football | His commute to work | PAC 12 football being really good | Playing Boise State | Danny Shelton | Shaq Thompson | Marcus Mariota

Chris on the PAC 12: “It’s such a great conference.”

July 25th 2013

All Topics: Pretty locked into football right now | Last year being really satisfying | Slow start offensively in 2012 | Quarterback Joe Southwick | 2013 Season | Challenging schedule this season | New Playoffs system is changing the way teams schedule | Wanting a 8 team playoff ASAP | Would like a 16 team tournament someday | BCS | Recruiting | Other schools watching the way they recruit | Not allowing his players on Twitter | His Twitter account | Not using Twitter as a recruiting tool |

Chris on the four-team playoff: “It’s a start.”


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