The UFC 202: Diaz vs. McGregor 2 Press Conference ended abruptly yesterday after Nate Diaz walked out with his middle fingers raised while both he, his team and Conor McGregor threw energy drink cans and water bottles at each other. McGregor joined The Jim Rome Show on Thursday to give more insight into the press conference.

“It wasn’t a bunch of intelligent decisions being made by us, but look, the tempers are flaring. There’s so much on the line at the moment,” McGregor said. “And then you’re two minutes late to these damn press conferences, and we both, for months, my side and his side, we both felt the burnt of these press conference situations. So I don’t know, it just went back old school, I think. He just stormed out with his buddies, his little gang buddies, like making all this noise and started throwing bottles, and look, I just saw a bottle flying at me and my team, and I just picked up bottles and flung them back.

“I mean was it the best situation? No, but hey, we get to fight Saturday night to set it right. I mean it is what it is. It’s one of these things, emotions of the fight, things happen. You just got to let it roll.”

Saturday night’s fight at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas is a rematch of their March fight won by Diaz, a bout the UFC featherweight 145-pound champion McGregor agreed to take at 170 pounds.

“That was the weight that we were at the last fight. I couldn’t start making stipulations,” McGregor said. “If I truly wanted this fight back, it had to be identical to the way it was. I couldn’t start making demands. Oh cut all this weight, and I’ll beat you. He has a weight cut ahead of him as it is. I just made peace with the size, the durability, and the experience, and I’ve prepared for that. I don’t want anything else to change. 170 pounds is the weight limit.”

However, McGregor confidently says that after he beats Diaz on Saturday night, their eventual trilogy fight down the road won’t be at 170 pounds.

“I’ve got my other business to handle. I’ve got my 145-pound belt sitting in the wings. I’ve got the 155-pound belt. I’ve got many options,” McGregor said before adding, “I do believe this will be a trilogy fight. Not straight away, but down the line after I beat him at 170, he must come down to me. I’ve gained that back for this 170, for the next one possible 155. I want to get my abs back.”

The 28-year-old also talked about his recent mini-feud with the WWE, in particular WWE superstar John Cena.

“That just came out of nowhere, that whole WWE thing. I don’t really have a problem with them, or any of them,” McGregor said. “I remember the reason I thought I’d hit on John was because you know, I remember reading something that he doesn’t like fighting or doesn’t like our sport, or he said something all this weak stuff. I was like, that’s weak for a guy to be saying that. Again, I just spoke as is. He is 40, maybe he’s not fat. I mean he’s a big sweaty guy, give him 10 years, I’m sure he will be a big fat mess. But right now, he’s in better shape. Like I said, he’s walking around in a luminous t-shirt acting like a kid talking about you can’t see him, and you can see him right there.”

Although McGregor did admit that he’s a bit confused by what exactly the WWE actually is.

“I don’t know that game. That game’s an unusual game,” McGregor said, but hopes the diehard WWE fanbase tunes in Saturday night. “I’m not complaining. I know all their fans, all their little dweeb competitors in there are going to be purchasing that pay-per-view and hoping that I get my ass whooped. Well, tune in and see what happens. I’ll be cashing off that, thank you.”


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