Every time you turn around, the Ryan Lochte story has changed. And now the story is that Lochte’s story was made up.

According to multiple reports, that’s what the other three swimmers are saying now. Apparently the truth wasn’t that the swimmers were robbed by people posing as cops and pressing a gun to Lochte’s head, and the actual story is that Lochte and the swimmers were hammered, stopped off at a gas station to use the bathroom, wrecked a bathroom door, and were confronted by a security guard. Or something like that.

Regardless, it’s nowhere near serious enough to lie about and cover it up. Breaking down a bathroom door at a gas station is a bad night. I’ll even go so far as to say a really bad night. But it’s not worth lying about. Or starting an international incident over. And it’s certainly not worth bolting the country and leaving your boys behind in Rio.

Then again, Lochte looks like a genius right now because he got out ahead of the authorities and his boys are stuck in Brazil meeting with the authorities.

We still don’t know exactly what happened, but I know this… you take all the great moments in Olympic history: Jesse Owens in 36…Bob Beamon long jumping in 68… the miracle on ice… all of those amazing moments together… don’t top this. Lochte in 2016 is and will always be the greatest moment for me in Olympic history.



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