Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz came together for their presser yesterday: and as you probably know by now, it did not go well. It never does when these two dudes get together.

They hate each other. Conor showed up late, which you know pissed off Dana and Nate both. Nate, who doesn’t like Conor nor the pressers in the first place, got bent and tried to bounce: and then both guys just started chucking f bombs, water bottles and energy drinks at one another:


Normally you see press conference antics and you know it’s contrived: and manufactured: and they’re trying to create heat that doesn’t exist. Not here. These two dudes couldn’t be more different and they couldn’t hate each other any more than they do.

And if you’re going to stage a press conference brawl, there a lot better ways to do it than have dudes chucking water bottles and cans at each other.

Besides, these two dudes aren’t about that life: Conor doesn’t need to waste time with crap like that: he already has the best rap of any athlete I’ve ever seen. And Nate is Stockton, and the 209, through and through. Fake pressers are beneath him.

Of course, neither should be chucking water bottles, energy drinks and f bombs at one another. But it’s hilarious. And it’s real.

So I can’t wait for Saturday night.

Who’s going to win? Nate beat him on just  11 days’ notice; the guy was on a boat in Cabo, drinking tequila when he got the call: how much tougher will he be with a full camp? And a good big man always beats a good smaller man. And Nate is much bigger. And a much, much better fighter than he’s given credit for.

All that said, and while I think it’s crazy that Conor is fighting him again at 170, I respect the hell out of it. I think that loss is the best thing that ever happened to him; he needed that. His whole team did. It shook them up; made them rethink how they do everything they do; I think he’ll fight a much better tactical fight; he’ll be in much better shape; won’t gas the way he did; so I’m going to do what you should never do; I’m going with my heart: Conor is the one guy who always makes me stop what I’m doing to see what he’s going to do or say next. I think he’s one of the most riveting athletes I’ve ever seen: I think he’s hilarious; but I think he’s fierce.

And while I have huge respect for Nate; and it would not surprise me if he won again,  I’m going all in with the Irishman; he’s going to find a way to get it done.


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