Hour 1

Lyin Lochte And His Buddies Cover-Up | Lyin Reaction | UFC 202 Preview 


Hour 2

Darren Shaper Sentence | Dan Wetzel (Olympics) Interview | Green Bay Caller Talks Sharper


Hour 3

Pete Prisco (NFL) Interview | Week That Was | Steve Smith Sr. Is Back



Pete Prisco

CBS NFL writer on Rex Ryan in Buffalo this season: “He’s playing for his job.”


Dan Wetzel

Yahoo columnist on Ryan Lochte: “He got as famous as he always wanted to be.”


Lyin Is Confused All The Time

It’s now Day “Whatever” of Lyin Ryan or LochtMess or whatever you want to call it, so here’s a quick recap.
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Diaz vs. McGregor 2

I’m going all in with the mystic mac, Conor McGregor.
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Serial Monster Rapist

Darren Sharper was sentenced to 18 years in federal prison yesterday for his conviction on rape charges involving 9 victims in four states, but that number may actually be more like 16, according to the judge who sentenced him.
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