I’m going all in with the mystic mac, Conor McGregor. I think he will win.

Here’s why. I don’t think they understood what they were doing in moving up and taking on Nate Diaz: didn’t understand that gaining that much weight could kill his cardio and he’d gas the way he did in the second round; didn’t understand that those kill shots he’d put featherweights to sleep with, wouldn’t carry at the higher weight. Didn’t understand that in an act of desperation, you don’t want to take that fight to the mat against Nate Diaz. He underestimated Diaz.

In fact, he didn’t understand Nate Diaz at all. But now they do. And Conor and his team are extremely sharp, extremely focused, extremely motivated and I trust them to make the adjustments they have to make to win this fight.

The guy won 18 of his 19 fights by first or second round stoppages: he’d crack guys in the head; they’d go to sleep. Pretty much every single time; I’m sure he had no reason to believe a quote punching bag with eyes like Nate Diaz would be any different. But when he was, and Conor gassed, he really didn’t have another plan, he had nowhere to go. And Diaz pounced. This time, he’ll have another plan. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy. Diaz is one of the baddest, toughest dudes I’ve ever seen. And still doesn’t get the respect he deserves.

But I think McGregor and his team have figured this puzzle out; and it says here, he’ll find a way to get it done. Part of this is with my heart and not my head, but I’m going all in with McGregor. He’ll win.


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