Full credit to Nate Diaz. This cat is a warrior… Cement chin, concrete skull. Dude was taking shot after shot, constantly wiping blood from his eyes so he could see, and he still kept coming.

And while it’s clear how much these two don’t like each other, Conor had nothing but respect for him after the fight: “Boy, is he one tough [expletive]. He kept walking forward, took every shot I gave and I dropped him multiple times … he was still coming forward.”

And just like during the fight, Nate wasn’t backing down in the post-fight interview either: “I thought I won that fight. They can’t have an expletive like me winning. I’m too real for this sport. They’re going to get me out when they can, but it’s all good, though.”

Of course. Nate going Nate. What else did you expect? “Great fight, bro. You’re the better man. And the better fighter.”

C’mon. That’s not his deal.

But let’s be real, Nate. You didn’t win the fight. And while most, myself included, figured if he could beat McGregor coming off a boat in Cabo, drinking Tequila, with just 11 days, he figured to be so much tougher with the benefit of a full camp. That wasn’t true either: Nate says: “I came to this fight worse off than last time. I didn’t get to train. I had injuries. I’m not making excuses, but you should have finished me off. I’m ready for no. 3.  I gave you (no. 2)”

Anytime someone says I’m not making excuses… they’re making excuses.

He even complained that McGregor, quote “ran the whole fight.”

Nate… your face would suggest otherwise, so wrong again.

He said he thinks they should have taken points from him for refusing to engage. Ridiculous. Look in the mirror, Nate. Ask your face if McGregor engaged.

Again, I have a ton respect for Nate Diaz: he’s awesome. He’s as tough as they come. A guy who persevered, stayed on his grind and proved that he was in fact, someone who could headline an event. He’s had two unbelievable performances in a row. But he’s frustrated because he thinks he’d be a much bigger star if the UFC had given him a bigger push, like the sort of push he thinks it gives to Conor McGregor. Of course. If a company like that gets behind you, you’ll be much better for it. But that’s not what’s happening here.

No one in that sport has ever done a better of promoting themselves and selling fights than Conor McGregor. This dude is a force of nature; he doesn’t need their push. And Nate is being naïve if the thinks they’re going to push him as opposed to McGregor.

But I get it, I’ve worked for networks or companies that I could say, man, it would have been nice if they pushed my show… so I get it. But saying that the company doesn’t want you around and that’s why you lost the fight is something totally different.

It wasn’t the company that handed down that decision; it was the judges and they were hired by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. And they thought your face looked like hamburger meat. So they gave it to McGregor. And they got it right.

My man, say what you want about McGregor but he handled his loss. You’re not. He didn’t make excuses when he lost. You are.

You fought a hell of a fight, but don’t come in here with the excuses. Don’t go all Hope Solo on us.



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