Info & Stats: Former NBA Guard | 5-time NBA Champion

All Topics: Past few days have been busy | Venture capital investment with Chris Sacca | Relationship with Sacca | Wanting to help others | His final game | Last of a dying breed? | Russell Westbrook’s tenacity | Kevin Durant’s decision to go to Golden State | Richard Hamilton | Luke Walton | Walton’s got a great demeanor | USA Basketball

Aug 25th 2016

Kobe on Kevin Durant’s decision to go to Golden State: “Happy for him.”

February 27, 2015

All Topics: Documentary | Inspiration for doing it | Who is Victor? | Switch flipping | Who reminds him of himself | Calling legends | Guys giving him advice | Playing for Phil | Spiritual game | On possibly leaving Lakers | Future after basketball | Kobe Inc.

Kobe Bryant on his future with the Lakers: “I’m not willing to play for someone else. This is my city. If I don’t win another championship here, I’m fine with that.”

Dec 23, 2009:

TOPICS: How badly he seeks win number four | Comparing win four to the first three | Nothing to prove or needing this one? | Disappointment over not getting the shot with LeBron? | Matchup with Dwight Howard | The plan against Howard | Bynum handling Howard | Taking what the defense give him | This year’s team vs. last year’s version | West’s comments regarding LeBron | Difference between West or Magic saying the comment | What if Kobe had ducked the media and opposing team like LeBron? | Reaction to LeBron’s act | Remembering his rookie season | Future with the Lakers | Worship in China during the Olympics; impact | Being honored by the Asia Society of California.

Jan 27, 2010:

Topics: Trip to the White House carrying onto the floor | Being pretty dialed; not pushing the button for the teammates | Spending time with the President personally | Hoping to spend time with the President personally this summer | Getting the President on the court | Team getting too over-confident? | Championship teams not throwing the switch; rather step-by-step process | Team tough enough to battle against Cleveland and Boston | Team wide conversations | Improving toughness when already in the NBA | Pau too nice of a guy for his own good? | Pau’s intellect | Imposing his will on the guys constantly | Future of Andrew Bynum | What Ron Artest has given the Lakers this season | Not having to speak to Ron about the way he does things | Disappointed over the Eagles loss | Donovan McNabb still the guy in Philly | Toughness in Philly on athletes vs. Los Angeles | Remembering just being a kid in High School.

Jun 18, 2010:

Topics: 2010 NBA World Champions | Was up all night, have not slept yet | This title was the sweetest because it was the hardest | Boston Celtics rivalry | We showed a lot of growth | It would have been miserable to live with a loss | Game 7 | Pau and I were horrendous in the 1st half | I had to adapt, needed to rebound | Gassed down the stretch | Didn’t have his legs | Shaq | I meant what I said about Shaq | I’m happy I have more rings than Shaq | Shaq’s tweet | Derek Fisher is the emotional leader | Fish and his bond | Phil Jackson | Ron Ron | Artest was due for a big game | Queensbridge was ready | Teaching Ron | Offensive rebounding | Pau Gasol | Gasol decided to fight back | Felt joy and relief for winning | Take some time off, maybe | Injuries |

Listen to this interview:

Dec 12, 2011:

Kobe on if he thinks Dwight Howard is coming to the Los Angeles Lakers: “I don’t know.”

Sep 28, 2012:

Kobe Bryant on if he believes if Chris Paul would rather be a Clipper than a Laker: “No, not at all, not for one second”


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