Seattle Seahawks teammates Doug Baldwin and Richard Sherman got into a training camp scuffle earlier this week, in which Baldwin attributed to the All-Pro cornerback Sherman being frustrated after being “destroyed” by himself and the team’s fellow wide receivers. Sherman joined The Jim Rome Show on Friday to dispute Baldwin’s assessment on the situation.

“I mean, I’ll let you diagnose that for yourself. I think my resume speaks for itself,” Sherman said. “I’ll be the last guy to be bombed by anybody, but that’s Doug being Doug. Sometimes you get caught in the moment like he did, and you exaggerate quite a bit. It’s been a while since he’s caught a ball on me, and it’s not like anyone in the media is going to fact check.”

Sherman also talked about his battles with up-and-coming wideout Tyler Lockett, and praised the second year wideout’s eagerness to learn.

“I’d say I usually get the better, just because they don’t happen that often, I’m crafty. I’m an old crafty veteran now. I got a few more tricks in my bag than he does at this time,” Sherman said. “But you know, it’s always a very unique battle when me and him go at it, because we’re different size. Obviously he’s smaller and quicker. I’m bigger and more patient, long limbed, etcetera, etcetera. So it’s always a chess game with he and I, and we always work to continue that conversation and get each other better. If I see something he’s doing that’s benefiting me, some tail, or something that I’ll see, then I’ll let him know so that he can continue to improve and grow, and I think that’s why he will continue to be one of the better players in this football league, because he’s always willing to grow with and learn.”

As a guy who’s never afraid to speak his mind, Sherman also talked about why most NFL players are hesitant to show their personality compared to other professional athletes in other leagues. The former Stanford Cardinal said if the NFL had its way, they’d want their players to think about football and nothing else.

“The league likes to control the image and control the messaging and nothing to damage the shield, etcetera, etcetera,” Sherman said. “The NBA, I think they obviously care more about their players. Their players and the NBA and their union, everything, they have much more of an amblicle relationship than our players union and their players. Obviously they have trust and belief in their commissioner, and we have a very hot and cold relationship with our commissioner.”

“So there are things obviously different between the leagues,” Sherman said. “But I think at the same time, you see guys starting to be more genuine. You see guys speaking out and showing their personalities, but the league doesn’t make money when players show their personalities necessarily. That’s why the league doesn’t let guys wear their own shoes or wear their socks different or wear their gloves, or they fine guys for having their jersey [untucked] a little bit and things like that, because the more unique guys are, the more money that individual can make, the less that the league can make.

“It kind of effects their bottom line, so they try to control that.”


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