Info & Stats: Connecticut Head Coach

All Topics: Game week | Kicking off 2016 Season | Great off-season | Three phases of the season | Reaching his players | 2nd year improvement | Beyond moral victories | Batman | Recipes | Freshmen arriving at college | Darkness |

Aug 29th 2016

Bob on how he tries to get better: “Ultimate accountability.”


Dec 18th 2015

All Topics: Energy vampires | Werewolfs | St. Petersburg Bowl vs. Marshall | His kids love to work | This year compared to last season | Trust | Wanting to have fun | Needing to learn how to finish games | Focus |

Bob on what their 2015 Season’s been about: “Trust.”

Dec 18th 2013

All Topics: His first press conference as UConn head coach | Just being himself at the press conference | Explains what he likes about UConn | UConn going 3-8 last season | The players in the locker room right now | UConn being around a recruiting hot bed | Energy Vampires | Diaco isms | The scorpion trying to cross the river | We’re going to believe what we see | Players seeing the game in pictures | Chef | Almost decided to become a Chef | Always had a real passion for cooking | His time at Notre Dame | Manti Te’o | Te’o being a catfish victim | Everyone beating Te’o up | Talking to his Notre Dame players about leaving for UConn | Wanting to attack his office in the middle of the day | Drops a poem to end the interview |

Bob on Manti Te’o: “One of the finest people I’ve ever met.”


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