Cowboys’ rookie qb Dak Prescott went 10 for 12 for 139 yards and 2 touchdowns in the first preseason game and had Cowboy fans buzzing. After he chased that with 199 yards and 2 touchdowns in Week 2, they were peaking. To the point that some lunatics were even running with the idea that the Cowboys would be better off with Dak than Tony Romo. Well, now you’ve got your wish.

Because, stop me if you’ve heard this before, Tony Romo is out for up to 10 weeks with a broken back suffered in that game against Seattle. Brutal. And sad.

There’s no doubt his mind is willing, but at this point, you’ve got to seriously wonder if his body is able to hold up in a NFL season. Because he hasn’t played a full season since 2012.

And no, Cowboy fan, get off Cliff Avril’s back. He didn’t do anything wrong. That wasn’t a cheap shot. He wasn’t penalized for the hit. Nor should he be. Unless the league snuck in a you’re not allowed to touch Tony Romo rule. And given this guy’s age, and the way he’s breaking down, I’m not even sure that rule would help him. That hit wasn’t dirty. They both started their move at the same time. He’s going full speed, he’s not stopping himself at that split second, nor should he.

The problem wasn’t Avril’s hit, its Romo’s body. He’s 36. He keeps getting hurt. There’s the broken finger, broken left collarbone, ruptured disk, a broken rib and a punctured lung, two transverse process fractures in his back, a broken left collarbone again, breaking the collarbone for a third time, and now the busted back.

So Romo could be out for up to 10 weeks, but at least he knows the team has his back. Actually, no, they don’t. Cowboys COO Stephen Jones told MMQB: “I can’t imagine a scenario where Tony’s not our quarterback when he’s ready. But things happen. You know that. You know what happened to Bledsoe and Brady. I’m sure Tony’s aware of that. But the reality is, Tony’s going to come back for us and play great, we believe.”

What a great quote. He starts out by saying “I can’t imagine a scenario where Tony’s not our quarterback when he’s ready” and then completely imagines a scenario where Romo isn’t their quarterback when he’s ready. Not only imagines it, but points a time where it actually happened in the past. But then says, I’m sure he’ll be back and be great. Uhh, gee, thanks. Romo’s got to be pumped as he throws on his back brace to hear that his boss is already talking about Bledsoe and Brady.

Classic Cowboys. Already making passive Brady references when talking about Dak Prescott, who’s yet to throw a pass in a real NFL game.

Just like Stephen’s dad, Jerry declaring last year that “you won’t see a more gifted passer than Brandon Weeden. It’s never that their guys are decent or they have a shot. It’s always that they’re the most gifted passers or they could be the next Tom Brady.

As for Prescott, he’s looked good in preseason, but who knows really how good he is. I know he’s not Tony Romo, but he can’t be Weeden, Matt Cassel, or Kellen Moore, right? Because that was the three-headed monster that led Dallas to a 1-11 record without Romo last year.

Let me say that again: 1-11. Jason Garrett and the Cowboys didn’t take nearly enough heat for that disaster. They went from 12-4 the year before with Romo to practically the 2008 Lions without him. And Jason Garrett still has a job? Jerry Jones ran off Jimmy Johnson after winning two Super Bowls, but JG still has a gig after going 1-11 without Romo last year.

It just goes to show, if Jerry Jones likes you, or you don’t push back when he interferes, you have lifetime job security.

But even Jerruh has to have his limits. And if Romo is out ten weeks and Garrett goes 1-9 during that time, again, even Jerruh will probably break him off. At least he better.

I’m not looking to get anyone fired, but they shouldn’t go from a bona fide Super Bowl threat with Romo to the worst team in the league without him. Not with those weapons and that offensive line. No one is saying Garrett has to make a deep playoff run with Romo, but he can’t end up with the first pick in the draft without him.

Coach em up, Red. Coach em up.


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