Our long national nightmare is over. And it didn’t end with a bang, but with a Tweet.

At 11:46am Pacific Time yesterday, @Chargers tweeted: “We’ve signed Joey Bosa to a four-year contract.”

Wait, that’s it?  Because that’s not very anticlimactic. But yes, Joey Bosa has signed with the San Diego Chargers and is expected to practice today. That means that 123 days after the draft, the Chargers finally have their man.

And what did they get? Aside from bad PR and no shot of Bosa being anywhere near ready at the start of the season. The Chargers went scorched earth last week, dropping screenshots and words like “asinine” on Bosa in their push for offset language and delayed payments on the signing bonus. And the deal they ended up agreeing to included offset signing language and 85% of the signing bonus being paid this year, while the balance will be deferred to March. According to Adam Schefter, the team compromised on cash flow during years 2, 3 and 4, and gave Bosa the largest upfront signing bonus in team history.

So nobody wins, everybody loses and this is a deal that should have and could have been done a long time ago.

But while both sides are to blame, the Chargers are still more in the wrong. Again, exactly what did they get out of this? The third pick overall, a guy they were counting on to step in immediately and have an impact, missed all of training camp and at least three preseason games, over what? Offset language; something that will never come into play unless he’s a Ryan Leaf type bust. And when to pay his signing bonus. Not whether or not to pay it, but when to pay it.

Furthermore, they’re pretty much the only ones in the league in that position, who would handle that situation like that. They refused to give on something that every other team with a top three pick has given on since the new CBA went into effect in 2011. So while other teams have changed the way they do business, the Chargers weren’t going to change for anyone or anything.

Despite the fact they’re coming off a 4 win season, needed this guy in camp desperately and are trying to secure funding for a new stadium.

Maybe the dumbest fight ever…  A terrible look for the team. But then again, this is the team that has jammed plenty of other vets, and fined Eric Weddle for watching his daughter’s dance performance at halftime of a game.

Hope that was all worth it, fellas. Because I know it wasn’t. Again, exactly what did that get the team, other than the rest of the league laughing at them.

Now the pressure is squarely on Bosa to get ready to play; the regular season opener is just 12 days away.


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