Mike Adams

Info & Stats: Indianapolis Colts Safety

All Topics: Disappointing 2015 Season | Andrew Luck’s health | Training Camp is cake now | Training Camp back in the day toughened you up | New CBA put a few years on his NFL career | Mentoring the young guy is the right thing to do | Awful Super Bowl loss while being with Denver | Always being over looked | His childhood | Single family home | Colin Kaepernick’s stance

Aug 30th 2016

Dec 3rd 2014

Mike on Colin Kaepernick’s decision to sit during last Friday’s National Anthem: “To each his own.”

All Topics: NFL Playoffs | Cleveland this weekend | Playing in Cleveland for four years | A little extra juice for Cleveland | Browns quarterback situation | Game planning vs. Cleveland | Still expects to see Manziel this weekend | Will prepare for both Cleveland quarterbacks | Needing to clean some things up themselves | Playing well late in his career | The game slowing down | Pro Bowl being his dream | Playing in the Super Bowl last season | Bad taste of losing in the Super Bowl |

Mike on if they will prepare for both Brian Hoyer and Johnny Manziel this Sunday: “Absolutely.”


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