It wasn’t just current NFL players who weighed in. TO was in. So was Jerry Rice, who tweeted: “All lives matter. So much going on in this world today. Can we all just get along! Colin, I respect your stance but don’t disrespect the Flag.” Donald Trump said maybe Kaepernick “should find a country that works better for him.”

And then there was NASCAR driver Tony Stewart, who tweeted: “I’m sorry but Kaepernick needs to learn the fact about police before running his dumbass mouth! He has no clue what they go thru! #idiot”

I’m not saying that Tony doesn’t have a right to his opinion, nor am I saying that he shouldn’t share it. He has a right to it and he has the right to share it. But when you do it on Twitter, you have to know how that’s going to go. Because everyone not named Tony Stewart knew how that was going to go.

Enter someone tweeting under the handle: Phil Atticus. And old Phil responded with: “@tonystewart didn’t you kill a guy?”

OJ going on that radio show can’t believe Stewart put himself in that spot. The only thing missing was a “hi, good tweet, dude.” And the only thing worse than Stewart thumbing out that initial tweet, was him responding to Phil with:

“You’re an idiot.” And then chased that with: “you’re as dumb as he is. Learn the facts.”

And of course at that point, Twitter just started piling on. @ginamontana tweeted: “Tony, you’re a clown. Close your mouth. Your racist is seeping out.” To which Stewart responded: “That’s funny as hell. I had a black roommate for 5 yrs. Nice try” And then @Dean Is Real tweeted: did you kill him too?

Former Browns offensive lineman Jason Pinkston hopped in and tweeted at Stewart: “you ran a guy over on a race track and killed him. Let’s not start name calling #idiot”

But the closing argument goes again to my man Phil, who responded: “@tonystewart, pot meets kettle, bub.” Greatest response ever. Pot meets kettle, bub. That’s even better than “delete your account” or any other response that you think is straight fire.

From now on, bub gloss is the best gloss.  Never a good idea to wade in and trade with these guys but especially if you had anything to do with the death of another man.


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