The longer the Colin Kaepernick story goes, the worse the takes get.

We had the initial blasts about beating out Blaine Gabbert before making a statement like this and the usual, keep politics out of sports, angle. And of course the clown lighting Kaepernick gear on fire.

Then there was Tony Stewart leaving his lane, getting blowback and then dropping the old “I had a black roommate for five years. Nice try.” And only after a number of followers asked, quote, “Didn’t you once kill a guy, Smoke”?

Then, the worse take of all after a series horrible takes…NBC analyst  Rodney Harrison,  declaring in a radio interview “I tell you this, I’m a black man. And Colin Kaepernick — he’s not black.” And then backpedaling in record time and tweeting, among other things, “Last point I want people to know. I never even knew he was mixed.”

And now the anonymous NFL executives have arrived at the party and they’ve got vats of molten hot lava, just spilling all over the place. Like the executive who told Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman that Kaepernick “has no respect for our country. Bleep that guy.”

HOT TAKE, COMING THROUGH! Bleep that guy? Are you an actual NFL executive or some moron on a message board. Were you burning a jersey while you said that?

And then there’s the exec who said he’d consider resigning if the team owner told him to sign Kaepernick.

And if that wasn’t smoking enough for you, check out this other anonymous exec: “I don’t want him anywhere near my team. He’s a traitor.”

Whoa! A traitor? He didn’t sell secrets to the Russians. He chose not to stand for the national anthem. I can see why you might be offended by it, but we’re talking about Colin Kaepernick, not Benedict Arnold. Don’t think we need to be lumping Kaepernick in with Aldrich Ames and Robert Hanssen.

I don’t remember anyone going with traitor-smack for Ray Rice. Or Greg Hardy. Or pretty much any other NFL player who’s been accused of a crime. Aaron Hernandez murdered not one, not two, but three people, allegedly, and I don’t recall execs being this enraged. In fact, I’m guessing if he’d gotten off, there’d be a number of teams looking to sign him. But not Kaepernick, who, last time I checked, hasn’t committed a crime.

One executive told Freeman that he hasn’t seen this kind of collective dislike from front office members since Rae Carruth. Wait, what? Not standing for the national anthem now puts you in the same category as a guy who plotted to murder his pregnant girlfriend? Holy freaking crap.

If you don’t to sign Kaepernick because he’s losing a quarterback battle to Blaine Gabbert, I completely get that. Getting beaten out by the guy who was benched for Chad Henne isn’t something you want to put at the top of your resume. It’s bad and it’s embarrassing. But it’s not nearly as embarrassing as an NFL executive calling Kaepernick a traitor.


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