Do you think there’s anybody more jacked up for USC-Alabama than Lane Kiffin? Ol’ Joey Freshwater back playing against his old team — the one that whacked him at LAX after his defense couldn’t stop Arizona State and Pat Haden didn’t let him get off the Tarmac with his job?

Never mind that it didn’t work out for Haden, it didn’t work out for Sark and the Trojans are taking first-year head coach Clay Helton to Dallas where they’re double-digit underdogs against the defending champs. USC’s starting left tackle Chad Wheeler can’t go — plantar fasciitis putting a new left tackle in front of first-year starter Max Browne.

Kiffin has to be HYPED — you know he’s gonna have that play sheet highlighted with nothing but winners, just begging Saban to throw long on 3rd and 1, or to pull that trick play when the Tide is up 10 and leaning on a defense that’s probably already better than the one they rode to a national title.

And USC poke the bear last week — with the Trojan BOOKSTORE out from with the smack talk, hyping t-shirts they had for sale that said, “ROLL TEARS ROLL.”

Yeah, that one got loose. Because believe it or not, some people noticed. Never mind that not too many programs troll the steamroller Little Nicky Saban has built. But hey – that’s cool. And that’s USC.

Not an original shirt or idea. And it’s a program that really hasn’t been able to do anything since Pete Carroll left town. But you’ve gotta respect the confidence to talk like that to the defending champs.

But you know what isn’t cool? PULLING THE SHIRT.

It’s gone. Off the bookstore website — error message the only thing left.

That’s a bad look. A really bad look. Because it’s one thing to troll Alabama. But it’s a very very different thing to troll them, and then pull the chute when people notice you went out and did it.

You don’t stand up to the bully and then double-back and give the dude your lunch money. You stand up to the bully, take your swing and let it fly.

Making the t-shirt.? Bad idea. But pulling it? Even dumber idea.

You think Saban won’t notice? You think they won’t put it on the billboard now? Too late.

That’s because one Alabama fan already broke off a kill shot with their response t-shirt:


Fun game. Fun match-up. That’s what College Football should be about. And you know Saban’s gonna have a muzzle on Kiff. Good luck staying within three td’s, Trojan Fan.


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