Of all the players and games this weekend, the guy I’m most looking forward to seeing is UCLA’s sophomore quarterback Josh Rosen.

Because I can’t recall the last time I saw a guy like him. Not just because he put up nearly 3,700 yards and 23 touchdowns last year as a true freshman. Other guys can do that. But because of what else he’s done

Hot tub in the dorm room as a freshman was the ultimate BALLER move. But then he was told he had to get rid of it. So he did. And replaced it with a ping pong table. And throwing on a Bleep Donald Trump hat and playing at Trump’s course was something you don’t see from an average QB.

And now he’s going to College Station to face Texas A&M tomorrow. And of course Aggie fans are bent about his comments about crowd noise. Rosen told reporters “After like 50,000 people, it sounds the same, or doesn’t sound the same.

As in, it’s just really really loud. But you know 100,000 Aggie Fans would love nothing better than to prove him wrong. And I doubt that he cares. Because he just does his thing.

And Josh Rosen’s thing is being Josh Rosen, whether you like it or not.

How many other college players would talk with a reporter, the way he did with Bleacher Report and say he’ll talk about anything “You have an issue? Feel free to sit down, and we’ll get after it.”

Let’s start with CTE, where do you come out on that? QUOTE…”The whole CTE thing is completely overblown.” Whoa! That’s the hottest of the hot takes, but he’s not going where you think he’s going. “The NFL should be more worried about pensions than CTE. In the NFL, when you have guys run into each other head-on, full speed, bleep is going to happen. But at least they’re getting paid millions of dollars. In college, they’ve been running head-to-head into each other for what, an education? You see the irony? That’s what you’re supposed to be using your head for, an education.

WHOA. DUDE.  SERIOUSLY. Okay, what about politics? “I hate politics. Absolutely hate them. Without going into detail, I strongly dislike certain political preferences and a certain guy’s policies. Abolish the EPA? Come on. Cut patient spending? That’s just crazy.”

I can’t remember the last time I heard an athlete, pro or college, talk about the Environmental Protection Agency and patient spending. Oh, I know why, because nobody ever has.

Just don’t call him an agent for social change: “What have I done to earn that? I haven’t done anything. We were 8-5 last season, and I had a pretty good freshman year and posted a few social media photos. I don’t have a platform to actually make significant change. That’s why I’m holding back a little bit.”

If this cat’s holding back, I can’t wait until he lets it rip. And I can’t wait to see what he does in front of 100,000 Aggie fans tomorrow afternoon.


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