Info & Stats: Milwaukee Bucks Guard

All Topics: Decision to sign with Milwaukee | Youth of Milwaukee’s squad | Playing for Jason Kidd | Bucks playing style | Playing with Dwight Howard in Houston | The Houston chemistry with Dwight was awful | Thinks Dwight will be really good with Atlanta | Had many talks with Dwight | Dwight wanting the ball more | James Harden | Wanting Harden to be more consistent as a leader | Harden’s signature shoes | Luke Walton | Arizona family

Sept 2nd 2016

Jason on why Dwight Howard in Houston didn’t work: “Chemistry.”

All Topics: 1st season in Brooklyn | Team on paper | A good January | Playing kind of by committee since Brook Lopez went down | Jason Kidd’s first season as a head coach | Kidd being named coach of the month in January | Adversity Kidd’s faced | Kidd’s always even keeled | Didn’t think Kidd would be coaching so quick after finishing his career | I believe we are a title contender | Playoffs are about matchups | Not liking the Miami Heat | His history with the Heat | Andrew Bynum to Indiana | His Seattle Seahawks winning the Super Bowl | His mom being a diehard Seahawks fan | Pete Carroll’s success in Seattle |

Feb 5th 2014

Jason on if this team is a title contender: “I believe we are.”

May 9th 2013

All Topics: Season with Boston | Showing some heart in the series vs. New York | Emergence of some young players in Boston | Future of the Boston Celtics | Can’t give up on our title hopes just yet in Boston | Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett’s future in Boston | Rajon Rondo’s future | Derrick Rose | Rose looking to the future | Rose’s teammates | Miami fan flipping off Joakim Noah | The fine line of a fan and player | Reaction to Jason Collins’ ‘Coming Out’ | Collins’ play | You want a player like Jason Collins on your team | Collins’ toughness | KG’s Intensity | KG stories | 2 or 3 minutes with Kevin | His work on the team is still a work in progress |

Jason’s take on his first year in Boston: “Defiantly average, defiantly didn’t meet up to expectations.”

Apr 24, 2012:

Jason on the 2011-12 Playoffs: “People are forgetting about the champs.”

Jun 14, 2011:

Jason on how he feels right now: “Unreal, so blessed.”

May 16, 2011:

Jason on his team: “We are on a mission.”


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