Alabama 52. USC 6. Lane Kiffin infinity.

Saturday was as public and as brutal a humiliation as you’ll ever see. Afterwards, Nick Saban was more bent over the beat down than Clay Helton for getting beaten down. Saban made it sound like Alabama really isn’t that good. USC better hope they are, because that is rock bottom for them and Trojan fan.

No USC team should ever, ever lose to anyone like that. I don’t care how many scholarships they had ripped, or how ripped their head coach was at a booster rally, or if a team leader injures himself jumping off a balcony and concocting some story to not only cover himself, but to make him seem like a hero. If you’re USC you don’t lose 52-6 to anyone. Not Alabama, not the Denver Broncos, not anyone.

Hard to imagine this was actually still a game with just over 3 minutes left in the half. They were only down a T.D.  But that’s when that train derailed, starting with USC’s Jabari Ruffin stomping on a dude’s groin on the ensuing kickoff. Cheap. Dirty. Stupid. And it all just went to hell from there. Because moments later, Alabama was celebrating a pick-six in the end zone, it was 17-6, and that curb-stomping was on.

Quarterback Jalen Hurts hits a 71-yard touchdown pass. Jalen Hurts with a 7-yard touchdown run. Jalen Hurts with a  6-yard touchdown run. Next you know, barely less than 6 minutes left in the third quarter it was 38-3. And USC getting repeatedly punched in the face and there’s no ref to step in and stop that fight. Because they were taking unnecessary punishment, unable to defend themselves, and I kept waiting on Helton to throw a white across the ring.

And I’m not sure what’s worse – that USC was getting humiliated by a true freshman qb or that Lane Kiffin was the one calling the plays. No, actually, I know which is worse. It was definitely the latter.

Because Kiffin was backing up a truckload of salt to dump into that wound. And Trojan fans all over Orange County were taking a razor blade to their decals on their cars.

I’m sure many of you clones know the feeling. And make no mistake, Trojan fan, that wasn’t just about how bad your team was, that was about how good Kiffin was.

That was some vintage Kiffin play calling. And once they got rolling, everything he dialed up, worked. Including that killer tweet on Sunday of his son holding the game ball with the caption: Post game w the game ball!!! #3:14AM-LAX.

Hate on this guy all you want, but that’s a big fat scoreboard for him: On the field and off it, on social media.

And you know if Pat Haden was anywhere to be found on twitter he would have dot/2’ed him as well. You know that was sweet for Kiffin… from getting dumped at LAX to piloting a G-5. That tweet had to ruin more than a few brunches in SoCal. After all, after running your program into the ground, he’s just stacking wins and rings in Tuscaloosa.

And if beating your team with your guy wasn’t already bad enough, Trojan fan, Saban just added another one. Sark is joining the crew in Tuscaloosa as an offensive analyst. And you know what? As embarrassing as he was here, he’ll probably kill it in Tuscaloosa just as Kiffin is. And then you’ll have no choice but to remove your USC branded license plate frame too. Hell and that lame vanity plate that you’re rocking while you’re at it.

So who do you blame, for that nationally televised debacle Trojan Fan? Because after a hospital job like that, someone is getting smashed. I’m not sure how much of that is on Clay Helton and how much is on former AD Pat Haden, but I know there’s plenty to go around.

And you can tell yourselves, that they’re the defending Champs, the number one team in the country, and we just got their best shot. But you didn’t. Not if you listen to the Nictator, quote: Meanwhile, Saban declared: “If you want to know the truth of it, I wasn’t pleased with how we played.” And said “We need to get more guys that can play winning football” Are you kidding me? This is the same guy who was yucking it up with reporters at his lakehouse a few weeks ago and now he’s tearing into his guys after a 46-point win? He got out of Lakehouse Mode and into Beast Mode real fast.

Helton’s trying to say that their season isn’t over and Saban’s practically acting like it is. That’s the difference between a dominant program that rarely, if ever takes a step back and one that is out on its feet.

Trojan fan, you better hope that was rock bottom and that it doesn’t get any worse before it gets better. Because it might.


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