Hour 1

Sam Bradford Trade | J. Football Headed Back To School | Mike Riley (College Football) Interview


Hour 2

Greg Ward Jr. (College Football) Interview | Nick Foltz Tribute | Andy Staples (College Football) Interview 


Hour 3

NFLer Punches A 70-year Old In The Face | Bruce Miller Reaction | Jerrah Talks Mosquitos



Mike Riley

Nebraska coach on Sam Foltz dedication: “It was kind of a tribute from the state to the family.”


Greg Ward Jr.

Houston quarterback on Coach Herman’s culture: “Accountability.”


Andy Staples

SI writer on what team should be concerned after the first week of the season: “I think LSU should be freaking out.”


Sam Bradford Trade

How was your Labor Day Weekend? Carson Wentz got a new job.
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52-6 Curb-Stomping

Alabama 52. USC 6. Lane Kiffin infinity.
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Good Luck, Idiot Face

Yep, Jonathan Manziel is going all Thornton Mellon.
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A Bad Guy

For years, I’ve talked about the list of Reasons To Go.
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