For years, I’ve talked about the list of Reasons To Go. Someone insults your family, your religion, or your race. Or someone spits on you. Those are all reasons to go. And so is being in a hotel room. At least, that’s on former 49er Bruce Miller’s list of reasons to go.

I say former 49er because the fullback/tight end was released by the team after an incident over the weekend. According to KTVU, Miller tried to check into a hotel in San Francisco, but was told there were no rooms available. He returned early Monday morning and knocked on a guest’s door, but was told he had the wrong room.

Hey, it happens. Hotel hallways are long. They can be confusing. The doors all look the same. The carpet has weird patterns. And who hasn’t forgotten their room number once or twice. So what do you do? Apologize and move on? Nope.

If you’re Bruce Miller, you fight someone. According to reports, Miller started fighting with the man who answered the door. That’s not good. But it gets worse. Because when the man’s 70-year-old father tried to intervene, Miller fought him too. KTVU reported that the 70-year-old was punched in the face and went to the hospital with broken bones in his face.

Let me repeat that. Miller went to the wrong hotel room, was told it was the wrong room, one thing led to another, and he broke a 70-year-old man’s face. Seriously. A 29-year-old NFL’er, well probably an ex-NFL’er after this, caved in some senior citizen’s face just for minding his own business and checking into the right hotel room… Miller went all Ligue Family on them – attacked a father and son for seemingly no reason at all. Absolutely incredible. And it makes you one of the worst dudes ever.

And if you’re that family, what’s that night like? You’re hanging out in your hotel room, watching TV, or maybe sleeping. There’s a knock on the door. You’re a little confused because you weren’t expecting anyone and even more confused when you answer the door and it’s a 250 pound tight end who punches you and your 70-year-old dad in the face.

Security camera footage shows Miller in the hallway, seemingly after it all went down, in a tank top, with a bloody forehead, looking wobbly and leaning up against the wall. Punching out senior citizens? Bleeding from the forehead in a hotel hallway? My man is like a Joaquin email come to life. He was charged with two counts of criminal threats, one of assault with a deadly weapon — not a firearm, and one count of elder abuse, as well as a misdemeanor battery charge. And lost his job. Have yourself a weekend, Bruce Miller!

And shocker, it’s not Miller’s first time getting in trouble. He was arrested for spousal battery last year, but pled no contest. Get arrested for spousal abuse, keep your gig. Punch a 70-year-old in the face, and you’re out of a job. For now.

Gotta love Bruce tweeting out a pic of him and two other dudes over the weekend with the caption: “Sundays are for the boys.” Right, Sundays are for the boys  and Monday’s apparently are for knocking elderly citizen’s teeth. We’ll be broadcasting live from San Francisco Monday; rest assured, Miller is not on the list of people we’re pursuing to come on the show.


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